Inspiring Passion for Life with Health & Hope


We help employers achieve real returns on their healthcare investment by building healthy and engaged workforces, one life at a time.

For Employers

Employer-sponsored health care that promotes a healthy, loyal, and engaged workforce.

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For Patients

A healthy body, mind, and spirit achieved through time, attention and a caring patient-provider relationship.

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For Consultants

An outcome-based primary care system to optimize healthcare investment portfolios.

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Body - Mind - Spirit

In every life we touch, we seek to produce a healthy body, sound mind, and hope-filled spirit that inspires the patient to live a healthier, more rewarding life.

We call this Well+Being.

We transform health and wellness through engaging, patient-centered care. By meeting patients where they are, hearing their needs, and assessing the whole person, we can co-create a plan for improved health and a positive outlook on life.

We inspire confidence in our work by spending the time to thoroughly engage with and evaluate each patient.

We work to connect with each patient, establish trust, and know them as they are to build the relationships patients want.

We practice evidence-based medicine and partner with our patients to create a robust medical plan that inspires them to think and live differently in body, mind, and spirit.

We provide multiple ways to access care, fostering convenience and reduced time to see a medical provider.

Physicians and nurses work together as a team to know the patient and coordinate care for a seamless experience from one visit to the next.

We strive to understand our client's employee population health, configuring the best service offerings to improve health outcomes, and reduce healthcare costs.

Our Well+Being System

We offer employers an outcome-driven, cost-effective system of primary care and supporting medical services enabling companies to shift healthcare dollars from the volume-driven, expensive health care system of today.

Primary Care Clinics

Onsite and near-site clinics staffed by Health by Design physicians and nurses for wellness and prevention, episodic, and chronic condition care.


Well+Being Assessments

Annual, in-depth health assessments with follow-up coaching that focus on prevention + early detection + healthy living.


Care Navigation

One-on-one education, support, and guidance from a Patient Care Nurse Navigator through the care continuum.


Health & Nutritional Coaching

Coaching focused on assessment, education, and transformation for healthy living.


Executive Exams

Annual, in-depth medical assessments and physician-crafted action plans to empower true Well+Being for your executives.


Concierge Care

Premium direct primary care with personalized attention, access and advocacy for long-term health.


Additional Services

Tracking and managing the care of chronic conditions

Specialized care for complicated diabetes or other endocrine diseases

Administration of allergy injections with serum provided by an allergist

Detection and treatment of risk factors such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol

Care events such as flu shot clinics or wellness assessments

Secure video appointments when knee-to-knee visits aren't an option

Contact us today, and together we can build a healthcare benefit customized to meet the specific needs of your employees and your organization.

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