We Get to the Heart of Health through Relationships

Emphasizing a quality patient experience and relationship-based care to foster a healthier, more engaged workforce.

Patient-Centered Care

We designed our approach to care around a quality patient experience characterized by:

Quality relationships are vital to transforming a patient's ability to achieve higher levels of health and well-being.

Addressing the body, mind, and spirit as interrelated parts of the whole-person to move people from just surviving to truly thriving.

Offering a range of services and in-house specialists facilitates a team approach to care and the ability to track progress through the care continuum.

Access to the dedicated Health by Design Care Team through multiple channels, including on-site and off-site clinics, wellness events, and nurse navigators.

Transformational Relationships

Trusted and empathetic relationships provide
the fuel for change and maximize human performance.

Our care team seeks to develop deep and lasting connections with their patients through these four steps:



By being mindfully present in each interaction and treating every individual as a priority.


By consistently scheduling with the same care team over time, and creating non-judgmental bonds.


By connecting with the patient's experience, and listening for understanding, not agreement or disagreement.


By engaging patients as a partner in treatment decisions, creating a plan of action, and following-up to check progress.

Whole-Person Care

We believe the body, mind, and spirit are interdependent, all needing to be healthy and working together for a person to thrive. We reflect this belief in our whole-person approach.

When the body is feeling well and the mind is living strong, we can truly move the chronically ill and sick to a healthier, thriving life.


Physical Body

Use Time Thoughtfully
Practice Evidence-based Medicine
Communicate Diagnosis Clearly
Co-create a Treatment Plan
Track Outcomes Over Full-cycle of Care

Mind & Spirit

Know the Patient
Establish Readiness to Change
Set Goals for the Future
Co-create a Hopeful Outlook
Follow-up and Accountability for Results

Coordinated Services

Keeping patients out of today's broken healthcare system means providing our clients' employees and their families with a consistent, broad-range of wellness and primary care services. Together, these services offer a seamless patient experience, better treatments, improved outcomes, and lower costs.

It's The Way Health Care Should Work!™

Primary Care

Primary care is the first point of care in your employees' health and wellness journey and includes episodic care, such as treating an illness or minor injury, care for chronic conditions, collaboration with, and referral to, other health professionals, and coordination of services.


Wellness & Prevention

Preventive health services for your employees go beyond annual physicals, to combine in-depth Well+Being™ Assessments, which include a physician consultation and co-created action plan, coaching by a nurse educator, and on-going support programs and education.


Care Management & Specialty Care

Care for employees living with a chronic condition, like diabetes or cardiovascular disease, guidance from a certified Nurse Navigator, as well as specialty services for heart health, endocrine diseases, and non-surgical musculoskeletal care.


Access to Care

We make our services convenient and easy to navigate to improve patient participation and, thereby, health outcomes. Patients can receive care through the channel that meets their specific needs at the time, confident that no matter which avenue they choose, they will receive the same exceptional patient experience they've come to expect from Health by Design.

Primary Care Clinics

Exclusive Health by Design (HBD) clinics conveniently located in your facility for the ultimate convenience.

Health by Design clinics located near client work-sites, member or dependent populations.

Small to mid-size employers share clinic facilities staffed by Health by Design care team members for a more cost-effective option.

Mobile Care

1:1 education, support, and coaching that empowers medium and high-risk patients to take charge of their health.

The Health by Design Wellness team travels to your location for specific care events such as flu shot clinics or wellness assessments.

Patients enrolled in our nutritional coaching program meet one-on-one with their nurse educator in an office space near them.

Tech-based Care

As an extension of our in-clinic services, we offer Virtual Care for text, voice, or video connection when a knee-to-knee visit isn’t an option.

Secure, convenient, anytime access for patients to send messages to their medical team, request prescription refills, view lab results, and more.

Patient Testimonials

  • "HBD has provided me professional care and expertise to maintain excellent health and well being - for 12 years running!"

    Executive Exam Patient
  • "They helped me start looking at my health and well-being physically and emotionally. I love their bedside manner. I would recommend 100%."

    On-site Clinic Patient
  • "I cannot express how positively impactful HBD's physicians and nursing staff have been in helping me understand my health and how to improve it!"

    Executive Exam Patient
  • "The doctors and staff are awesome! They are friendly and welcoming, very thorough and make me feel very comfortable. I have decided to make Health by Design my primary care provider. Thank you!"

    Primary Care Patient
  • "The convenience [of the clinic], means I actually go to a doctor now."

    On-site Clinic Patient

Net Promoter Score


Our Net Promoter Score indicates that the vast majority of our patients would recommend our services to a friend or colleague. In fact, more than 6 out of 10 patients who visit our clinics designate a Health by Design physician as their Primary Care Provider.