Healing Connections from Exceptional Providers with Caring Hearts

Primary Care Clinics

Delivering Accessible and Exceptional Care

We offer a broad range of services in our on-site and near-site clinics, making whole-person care more convenient, streamlined, and useful. We strive to keep your employees out of today's broken and costly healthcare system by providing access, time, and whole-person care that meets the majority of their health care needs, tracking progress and outcomes through the full cycle of care.

Relationship-based care that builds healthy and engaged workforces one life at a time.


of patients who visit our clinics designate a Health by Design physician as their Primary Care Provider.

based on patients who saw a Health by Design physician in one of our primary care clinics in 2018 or 2019.


of our patients with high blood pressure improved or maintained control, compared to the national rate of 48.3%1.

based on clinic visits in 2018 - 2019; 1NCHS, National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 1999–2016.


of our diabetic patients improved or maintained target hemoglobin A1c lab values.

based on clinic visits in 2018 - 2019;

Well+Being Assessments

Building a Present, Engaged, and Healthy Workforce

Our annual Well+Being Assessments focus on prevention, early detection and healthy living. They start with insightful questions (in-person and online), lab work, and body composition analysis, but the real transformation happens in the one-on-one connections. Together, the physician and patient go over test results, discuss emerging trends, and highlight risk factors. The physician outlines areas in which the patient is doing well, addresses issues that need immediate attention, and, in partnership, they develop a plan for healthy living.

  • Biometric Assessment (height, weight, blood pressure, pulse, waist circumference, BMI)
  • Comprehensive Lab Work
  • Epworth Sleepiness Scale
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Health Risk Assessment (Online)
  • Nutritional Analysis (Online)
  • Follow-up Consultation and Action Planning with Physician

Well+Being Assessments are offered as an additional service in our Primary Care Clinics.

Care Navigation

Improving Outcomes of Patients At-Risk or Living with Chronic Conditions

Navigating the complexities and hurdles of the healthcare system can be a lonely and overwhelming endeavor to patients with pre-chronic or chronic conditions. We join our patients with compassionate and personalized attention, providing one-on-one education, guidance, and support throughout the care continuum. Health by Design’s care navigation team works together to streamline the delivery of care, improve satisfaction, and serve as a guiding force to improve patients’ health outcomes.



Navigation Services
Areas of Distress
Eligible Indivduals


Nurse Navigator
PCP Relationship



  • Coordinate Care with PCP and Specialists
  • Communicate with Family and Caregivers
  • Follow-up care with Patient
  • Identify New Resources as Applicable


  • Eliminate Service Duplication
  • Involve Patient in Self-care
  • Improve Healthcare Outcomes
  • Enhance Patient’s Quality of Life

Health & Nutritional Coaching

Achieving Sustainable Change and A Healthy Lifestyle

Prevention can be an afterthought in America’s fast-paced culture, but at Health by Design, we emphasize the utilization of wellness and prevention services that educate and empower. Through individualized weekly coaching, goal setting, and help from our support programs, we can effectively change habits and inspire passion for life with healthy and rewarding living.

  • Weight Management - Patients attend weekly educational and accountability sessions with a nurse educator to achieve optimal and sustainable lifestyle changes. The goals of the program are to reduce the risk of common and preventable health conditions, including pre-diabetes, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and obesity-related cancers.
  • Tobacco Cessation - Medical and behavioral assistance to break the cycle of addiction and dependence, eliminating one of the biggest threats to the health of your employees.

Health & Nutritional Coaching is offered as an additional service in our Primary Care Clinics.

The Health and Nutritional Coaching program is decreasing A1c lab values, helping our members lose weight, and controlling blood pressure.Executive Director, Near-site Clinic Client

Executive Exams

Investing in the Future Health of Your Leaders

The pressure and busyness felt by today’s leaders place extra strain on the body, mind, and spirit. This stress leads to poor health and burnout, posing a potential threat to the future of your business. Our annual, in-depth medical assessment takes place in a peaceful, renewing setting. The exam includes a carefully selected and regularly evaluated combination of lab, screening & testing, physical exam, ultrasound, and interview components focused on early identification of disease, optimizing physical and mental performance, and promoting longevity and quality of life.

Exam Visit

  • Complete Medical History & Physical Exam - Review of current medical data with physician, to include history of medical issues, family and other relevant health information; Pap smear (females) as indicated.
  • Treadmill Test - Tests for aerobic fitness and screens for cardiovascular disease
  • Nutritional Analysis - Questions provided by a Registered Dietitian
  • Comprehensive Lab Evaluation - Complete blood count, chemistry profile including cholesterol/HDL/LDL/triglycerides, thyroid profile with TSH, ferritin, phosphorus, C-reactive protein, prostate specific antigen if appropriate (men), testosterone (men), vitamin D, GGT (liver), Hemoglobin A1C, uric acid, and insulin
  • Cleveland Heart Lab Assessment - Evaluation for vascular inflammation and disease
  • Urine testing - Urinalysis and Microalbumin (w/ Creatinine)
  • Occult blood testing - For hidden blood in stool
  • Mental Health Screen - Screens for anxiety and depression
  • Hearing & Vision Testing - Tests for visual acuity, color vision, glaucoma, depth perception, and macular degeneration
  • DEXA (Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry) - Bone density scan to screen for osteoporosis and Hologic body mass composition to estimate lean body mass, total body fat and visceral adipose tissue (VAT) - an important contributor to diabetes.
  • CIMT (Carotid Intima-Media Thickness) Test - Looks for early signs of atherosclerosis in an non-invasive manner
  • Functional Fitness Assessments - Analyzes core strength, leg strength, and balance
  • Screening for Sleep Apnea - Screening tool to improve identification of patients at high risk for sleep apnea
  • DermEngine Total Body Photography - AI-enabled skin cancer screening tool for imaging, documentation and analysis of skin conditions
For new patients or as directed by a physician, we can perform the following tests: Vitamin B12 with Methylmalonic Acid, Hepatitis C Antibody, Carotid Doppler Ultrasound, Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening, Thyroid Ultrasound, Galleri Test*, MyRisk*.

  • * Galleri Test - Multi-cancer early detection test to detect common cancer signals across more than 50 types for select patients with elevated risks
  • * MyRisk - A one-time all-in-one hereditary test to evaluate 48 genes associated with 11 different types of cancers

Summary Visit

  • Follow-up Consultation - To review findings and develop an action plan with the patient to achieve Well+Being
  • Custom Booklet - Exam findings and recommendations plus digital copy on USB flash drive available upon request
  • Nutritional Consultations - (2) 30-minute virtual consults with a Registered Dietitian

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Concierge Care

Providing Personalized Attention and Whole-Person Care

The demanding schedule of an executive leader often means putting aside time-consuming and inconvenient healthcare appointments, which, in the long run, can result in more time treating preventable health issues. Our Concierge Care is an extension of our Executive Exams offering and provides busy leaders shorter wait times, more personalized attention, and direct access to their provider.

  • 24/7 Access - Access to the on-call Health by Design medical provider for urgent medical needs via telephone or secure app 24/7, 365 days a year (includes home or office visits by our care team when appropriate). Offering same-day or next-day appointment availability and little to no wait time upon arrival.
  • Healthcare Advocacy Services - Helps navigate the complex healthcare system if external referrals or hospitalization is needed.
  • Annual Executive Exam - More than an annual physical, this in-depth health assessment helps our patients achieve long-term wellness while also inspiring new ways of thinking and being.
  • DermEngine Total Body Photography - AI-enabled skin cancer screening tool for imaging, documentation and analysis of skin conditions (performed as part of your Annual Executive Exam).
  • Detailed Personal Wellness Plan - Developed by your physician, this plan details preventive steps to take in the coming year in order to address health issues and risks identified in the executive exam.
  • Health Education - Education and resources to improve your health IQ.
  • Quality Care - Your time with your physician is not cut short by limitations of the insured care system; instead, you can use the time you need to receive quality care, addressing all your concerns and developing a relationship with your physician.