Getting Vaccinated in the Community

Here is some helpful information for those who fall in the current vaccination phase, and who don't currently have access to COVID-19 vaccinations in the HBD wellness clinic, including family members and friends. Updated 2/9/2021 to include Texas Vaccination Hubs

Due to rapidly changing availability, interested and eligible individuals are encouraged to try all suitable options until a vaccine appointment is secured. Much like waiting for those sought-after concert tickets (or a little like scheduling your college classes), finding a COVID-19 vaccination appointment takes patience and persistence.

  • In Texas, check the vaccination hubs near you. Hubs are available across the state and receive a more consistent supply of vaccine. You can get a vaccine at any hub, regardless of where you live.
  • Check local pharmacy websites for availability and instructions. Bookmark the relevant websites and check back daily. Texas options are linked here: HEB, CVS, or Walgreens
  • Call your PCP and ask if they are giving the vaccination to patients. Make an appointment if available.
  • Check your state health department webpage related to the vaccine, and follow instructions for finding vaccinations. Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana
  • Check your county health department websites, then follow COVID-19 links. Click here for Bexar County
  • In San Antonio, Dial 3-1-1, then choose option 8 or visit the UHS website
  • In San Antonio, call Wellmed at 833-968-1745. Please be patient and, if need be, persistent. Because of a high volume of calls, callers who cannot get through to a customer service representative are encouraged to keep calling back. Learn more here.
  • Veterans can find vaccination information at the VA website, here

To stay current, find out which local news source has been the best source of COVID information and set up automatic alerts for that news site.