Our Story

Beauty and Promise

Our story starts in 1979, just after Dr. David Player, our founder, was discharged from the United States Air Force. It’s an exciting story, filled with what Dr. Player calls “intrigue, deception, ignorance, and pride, combined with hard work, sacrifice, and discipline…not too different from some of the adventures of the Old Testament Bible.”

It’s a history in which we clearly see the hand of God. We believe He is the author of our business, and all that happens to it. We invite you to explore the critical moments of our history and see for yourself how God has taken the pieces of our story and knit them together into something of beauty and promise, which we call Health by Design.

  • 2022

    New Leadership

    A new CEO, David Blank, joins the company to lead the next phase of Health by Design’s growth. David is a world-class leader in business and healthcare. He is a devoted Christian, husband, and father with a stunning business background that exhibits excellence in the military, education, finance, operations, and healthcare. Most importantly, he demonstrates the highest character, mission, and faith standards.

  • 2021

    Health by Design joins Medici

    Medici acquires Health by Design. Medici is a virtual first, advanced primary care healthcare system. Using technology and remarkable providers, Medici seamlessly connects patients with care concierges, physicians and specialists to provide comprehensive care. Medici's virtual services are complemented by Health by Design’s on-site primary care offering. Medici and Health by Design continue to deliver high quality care and develop incredible patient experiences between virtual and bricks and mortar clinics - building what many see as the future of healthcare.

  • 2020

    The "City on Hill" Model

    Health by Design adopts it's "City on a Hill" model that guides all HBD caregivers to move their patients through connection, trust-building, feeling understood, and transformation. This model works on the body - "feeling good" and the mind - "living strong" to drive the total well-being of body, mind, and spirit.

  • 2019

    An Inspired Leader

    David Wilson joins Health by Design as the CEO and works closely with the partners to launch a “new inspiration of the original dream.” Health by Design announces its revised mission to: “Inspire Passion for Life with Health & Hope for the Glory of God,” as well as updated vision and core values.

  • 2015

    Growing Demand & Expanding Services

    It is clear that Health by Design is different, and our clients and patients can feel that in the way they are cared for before, during, and after their visits. Demand continues, and our services expand into new products, including disease-specific support, cardiovascular, and diabetes, in addition to the existing obesity programs. We also formalize our Health & Nutritional Coaching program and add a premier direct primary care service called Concierge Care.

  • 2013

    Health Education & Wellness Assessments

    Health by Design's dedication to prevention continues to thrive through growing Health Education & Wellness Assessment programs, which begin sending teams of Nurses throughout the United States to educate, assess and coach employees on how to live a healthier and more productive life.

  • 2011

    A "Spiritual Venture"

    Health by Design begins its transition to a “spiritual venture,” dedicating its efforts to the glory of God. New leadership brought guidance and spiritual direction to the team, developing a mission, vision, and core values that would provide faith-foundation and guide the efforts of the Health by Design team over the next eight years.

  • 2009

    On-site Clinic Expansions

    Health by Design's on-site clinic model was proving to help businesses save money in health care expenses and productivity gains. New clients came on-board with on-site clinics going into several large San Antonio employers. Also, a major client decided to expand on-site clinic operations into some of its remote facilities, starting in Texas and eventually expanding into Louisiana and Oklahoma.

  • 2005

    Health by Design, LLC

    Through the prompting of the Holy Spirit and a clear need for "business" acumen, Drs. Player and Ogletree invite Barney Randol to join as a third partner through the formation of a new entity, Health by Design, LLC. For the first time, the doctors felt free to be doctors, without the burden of also running the business. The partners agreed that the ultimate criterion for decisions in the company would be exceptional patient care.

  • 2001

    First On-site Clinic

    Health by Design opens its first on-site wellness center at Utramar/Diamond Shamrock, later purchased by Valero Energy Corporation. The on-site clinic model at Valero was embraced by the employees and leadership, which led to expanding the clinical space at their headquarters.

  • 1991

    Move to George Rd.

    Health by Designs Executive Exam program and Health Education and Coaching services move to the Cornerstone Building on George Rd, where it continues to thrive today.

  • 1988

    A New Partner

    God's faithfulness continues, and He brings about the right people to advance the company, including Dr. Ogletree. Dr. Ogletree joins the practice as an Executive Exam physician and eventually becomes Health by Design's Medical Board Director and Partner.

  • 1987

    Highs and Lows

    Dr. Player's interest in programs around obesity and health education begins to thrive, adding more large San Antonio corporations to his client list, expanding operations to a new clinic space, and growing his team. In the height of this season's success, Dr. Player left the Renal Associates for a new partnership, which ended abruptly and left Dr. Player's business in a loss for the first time.

  • 1986+

    Divinely Appointed Circumstances

    Dr. Player steps in, through “Divinely appointed circumstance,” to run the executive exam and weight loss education programs at Health by Design of Texas. He becomes increasingly enamored with health education, the wellness process, and what people needed to live more healthy lives. His passion for educating people about body composition, obesity, and its complications - is born.

  • 1985

    Health by Design of Texas

    The addition of Dr. Jerry Vandel and his Executive Exam and Education Program originally called Health by Design, is the first step to the future establishment of Health by Design of Texas corporation.

  • 1980+

    "Landing" on George Rd.

    Starting with a parcel of 6.97 acres on George Rd in San Antonio, Texas, Dr. Player and his wife Beth, accumulated additional parcels of land, ending up with over 15 acres that would eventually be the home of the Health by Design corporate headquarters.

  • 1979

    Renal Associates Founded

    Dr. David Player and Dr. Gordon Bilbrey form Renal Associates, a thriving practice that tended to the needs of patients with kidney failure. Later that year, the Obesity and Risk Factor Program of San Antonio as added to bring academic excellence to the arena of adult weight loss.