Notification of Physician Departure

Sabrina Felton, MD

To the Patients of Dr. Sabrina Felton,

I hope this letter finds you feeling and living well! It has been a great pleasure to be a physician with Health by Design serving the Retirees of the San Antonio Police and Fire Departments! I honor and appreciate the selfless service each of you has given to the people of San Antonio and for your career of dedication to serving our community.

Since 2017, I’ve enjoyed learning from all of you, listening to your incredible stories and hearing about your amazing families. However, I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that July 12, 2024 will be my last day at The FUND Westover Hills Wellness Center. As I prepare for this next chapter in my life and medical career, I want to thank you for allowing me to care for you. In my mind and heart, you are family.

Health by Design’s mission is for you to continue to receive exceptional, individualized healthcare. Drs. Alison Smith and Julie Lortz will continue in their current roles at the clinic, and you are free to select either as your primary care physician. Additionally, our part-time physicians, whom many of you already know, will be working until a new physician is anticipated to start in September. Alternatively, if one of the other FUND Wellness Center locations is more convenient, your confidential records are accessible or for transferring outside the clinics as you request.

For scheduled appointments after my last day, the Westover Hills team will contact you to reschedule with another capable physician. Our staff looks forward to walking beside you. You will continue to receive excellent medical care that is high quality, personable, and focused on your needs. I pray that I have had as positive of an impact on your life as you have had on mine. God bless.

Best wishes for your future health.


Sabrina Felton, MD
Arti Thangudu, MD & Vidhya Illuri, MD

To the Patients of Dr. Arti Thangudu & Dr. Vidhya Illuri,

We hope this letter finds you feeling well and living healthy! It has been a great pleasure to have Dr. Arti Thangudu and Dr. Vidhya Illuri serve as our endocrinologists at your Health by Design Wellness Center. For the past 4 years they have played a pivotal role in our organization and appreciate the positive impact they have made on our patients' lives. Dr. Thangudu and Dr. Illuri have made the decision to take their medical career in a new direction. Their last day with Health by Design will be July 15, 2024.

We want to assure you that our commitment to providing exceptional, relational healthcare tailored to your individual needs remains unchanged. We are excited to share John Mucha, an Advanced Practice Practitioner with extensive diabetes experience and dedication to patient care, will be joining our team. John will commence seeing patients in person at all four of our wellness centers starting July 16, 2024.

John Mucha is a skilled healthcare professional with a wealth of expertise spanning various facets of diabetes care. As a Diabetes Educator, he ensures seamless patient coordination, providing personalized guidance. In his career as an Assistant Professor of Medicine within the Division of Diabetes, Obesity, and Lipids, he was involved in advancing diabetes care through education, research, and clinical practice. With specialized training as a Diabetologist, he has an in-depth understanding of the complexities of diabetes management, offering expert guidance and tailored treatment plans for optimal health outcomes. Additionally, as an Insulin Pump Therapy Specialist, he offers specialized care to pump users, ensuring they receive the highest level of care and support. With his diverse skill set and unwavering dedication to patient-centered care, John is committed to empowering individuals living with diabetes to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Your primary care physician and clinical pharmacist will work closely with John to ensure a seamless transition of your medical history and appointments. If you have an appointment scheduled on or after July 15, 2024, your appointment will be with John on the same date and time. If your appointment was virtual, please contact your wellness center to make any necessary adjustments according to your appointment preference.

We honor and appreciate the selfless service each of you has given to San Antonio's people and for your career of dedication to serving our community.

All the best for your health in body, mind and spirit.


Nicholas Masozera, MD, MPH
Chief Medical Officer
Health by Design

Keith Patteson, MD
FUND Physician Lead
Health by Design