Executive Exams

Your Executive Exam is an annual, in-depth medical assessments that takes place in a peaceful, renewing setting and provides critical insights to help you take control of your health and own your journey to Well+Being™.



We are located at 13409 George Rd., San Antonio, TX 78230. Click the link below for directions. Our facility is located near a low water crossing. During flood conditions, this may impact your ability to access our clinic. If there are flood warnings in the area, please check the link below for current road conditions.

Exam Components

You'll experience compassionate, personalized care throughout your time at Health by Design. From your vital signs and fasting lab draw, to the time your physician takes to discuss your medical history and conduct a physical examination.

Summary Visit

Before you leave your exam, you'll schedule an appointment for your follow-up consultation with the physician. This is when you and your physician will discuss findings and craft an action plan for you wellness journey. Summary visits are available in-person or virtual.


Dr. Hugo Salazar

Wellness Center Physician


Dr. Annika Gonzalez

Wellness Center Physician


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Does your body react to a certain food when you consume a large amount? Or does your body react, whether it's a bite or a bunch? Find out if you could have a food intolerance or allergy in this wellness video.

Dr. G explains the two leading causes of insulin resistance (IR) and four things you can start today that will lower your risk of IR and its associated chronic diseases.

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Executive Health Check-up

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