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There’s a Doctor in the House 

The U.S. health care system is in disarray. Despite regulatory initiatives and reform efforts, there is no indication of a course correction to address the fundamental issues of cost, quality, accessibility and care delivery truly happening at a national level. An onsite clinic is a powerful tool you can use today to provide effective primary care to your employees and control the destiny of your health plan and workforce.

Since 2001, Health by Design has provided onsite health care to employees of leading corporations. Our Health at Work onsite clinic model grew from the frustrations of health care delivery in the typical medical models. We believe our physicians can provide businesses like yours with better care, more value and convenience outside the typical medical insurance model.

Health at Work clinics are a game changer that can turn a typical corporate liability into a strategic asset.

Our goals include:


  • Providing an exceptional patient experience
  1. High-quality, comprehensive care from experienced primary care physicians
  2. Onsite clinics can meet up to 85% of patient health care needs
  3. Convenient access to care, including:
  4. Same-day appointments - Reduced wait times - Quality time spent with the physician
  5. Provide a physician-guided health care team to help patients improve their health via:
  6. Education - Patient advocacy in the health care system - High-tech medical information systems
  7. Service-oriented medical staff

  • Onsite medical care that provides value to your company
  1. A tangible representation of your investment in your employees’ health, enhancing recruitment and retention
  2. A tool to reduce current and future health care costs while working to improve overall employee health
  3. A potential reduction in downtime and lost hours due to offsite medical appointments
  4. Employee access to high-quality, cost-effective health care from experienced physicians
  5. Service-oriented medical staff
  • A great experience for health care providers
  1. Motivation for care revolves around the needs of the patient—not the financial needs of the practice

  • Serve as patient-centered medical home for your company
  1. Provide referrals for specialists
  2. Allergy injections (with serum provided by the allergist)
  3. Preventive medicine
  4. Blood pressure checks and follow-up
  5. Cholesterol follow-up
  6. Treatment programs for nutrition, smoking, stress, diabetes and heart disease risk
  7. Obtain lab work ordered by personal physician
  8. Certain immunizations, such as tetanus and influenza

We accomplish our goals by providing:

  • Comprehensive annual health screenings for all employees, in order to:
  • Assess health
  • Detect risk factors
  • Educate patients on improving and maintaining health
  • Onsite, one-on-one education programs to assist employees to address:
  • Weight Management
  • Insulin Resistance Management
  • Stress Management
  • Tobacco Cessation
  • Onsite physician care for minor episodic illness or injury
  • Comprehensive care for employees who request it
  • Specific programs tailored to your individual company