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High-quality, preventative primary care is extremely important to your long-term health. Yet our current health care system has evolved as an “illness care” system, with a reactive focus rather than preventative. Health Care Direct is our concierge health program that provides you with convenient access to high-quality care. Anchored by an annual Comprehensive Health Exam, you will receive treatment from physicians who focus on early detection of health risks and effective management of disease. We don’t react to problems; we help you maintain well being.


Proactive primary care

Your road to better health begins with a Comprehensive Health Exam, performed by your Health by Design physician, to assess your current health. Based on this assessment, your physician will map out a personal wellness plan to address health issues, health risks and preventive steps that should be taken in the coming year.

Your Health by Design doctor will lead a team of health professionals to educate you on health issues, monitor your progress, take care of you when you are ill, and help you navigate the medical system when you need specialty care or hospitalization. In addition, a nurse practitioner will serve as your health care coordinator.

Reduced fees and access to Health & Nutritional Coaching programs

Your Health Care Direct membership entitles you to a significant reduction in lab, diagnostics and procedure costs.

You will also have access to Health & Nutritional Coaching programs that can assist you with more difficult problems, including weight management, nutrition, smoking cessation, insulin resistance and stress management.

24/7 Access


Full 24/7 access to the Health by Design medical staff via phone consultations and same or next day office appointments is included in your membership fee. This means that if you get sick or become injured, you will have a dedicated team ready to assist you. 

Your health care advocate


The health care system can be a scary place, Health by Design is ready to assist you in navigating its complexities. Should you need specialty care, further testing, hospitalization or other health services not available within the concierge program, your Health Care Direct team will assist you in arranging those services with specialists we know and trust.

Your total health care solution

  • Personal wellness plan
  • After-hours call service
  • Comprehensive primary care with same or next day appointments
  • Health care team devoted to your needs
  • Health & Nutritional Coaching programs, referrals and reduced fees